The Happy Teacher Project is a unique consultancy advising on issues relating to teacher recruitment and retention.

We draw on a range of research to conceptualise better experiences of work in schools.


By stepping into the shoes of baby boomers, gen X and millennials we examine expectations, needs and draws for potential teachers. We explore how supportive engagement programmes in schools can ensure teachers stay engaged, meet their potential and have a positive impact on student outcomes.

Experienced strategists and programme designers, The Happy Teacher Project team can work with you to create:

  • New targeted design led recruitment drives

We can advise on what your local audience needs to hear, how to appropriately pitch your offer and where to reach them

  • In-training extra curricular enrichment programmes -

We know that trainee teachers need more support to prepare for the pressures of 21st century teaching; we anticipate how to power their sense of purpose for the long term

  • School engagement programmes and people policies

Engaged workforces are more productive, take less sick leave and stay in post longer ; we are champions of teacher powered schools and can work with you to be proactive in designing tailored experiences for your staff

We know a lot about the problems in teaching. We want to get some conversations started about solutions.