The Happy Teacher Project is for people who care about teaching and teachers.

It's taken a long time to work out exactly what The Happy Teacher Project is. It started out as a passion project; a desire to understand more about what was going on with teaching and why so many talented individuals were leaving.

Teachers spoke candidly about their experiences during research.

Lack of work satisfaction, autonomy and opportunities to get better came up time and time again in interviews.

These are not issues solely for teachers, these are important ingredients for any experience of work.

And it's at this point we started digging and asking more - what do humans need from work?

There was a time when work was about hierarchies and pensions...this time is long gone.


Humans are actively seeking to work towards a purpose and be part of something exciting. We want to have freedom to experiment and feel like we are improving at what we do. We need time to reflect, research and collaborate with colleagues to fire our passions and fuel innovative thinking.

We need innovative thinking in education like never before.

So this is where The Happy Teacher project starts - we want to support the education sector to create people policies and engagement practices  to better understand the people that work within schools; what motivates them and what they need to achieve their potential so they in turn can support kids to meet theirs.

Simple really.

A bit about me...

I'm Ellen, a former teacher and programme designer. I've created education programmes and behaviour change initiatives for charities, museums, government departments and large corporates. I'm currently working with the RNLI to create an education campaign that contributes to their 2020 target to reduce accidental drownings by a half.